Bayfield Training - European Real Estate Analyst - Warsaw, Warsaw, wtorek, 15. październik 2019

European Real Estate Analyst
Included with course

All Excel models used on the course, provided on disk

Comprehensive course manual (also available separately and designed for self-study)

2-months post course email and telephone support

Course Outline
Day One
Know how to build a property asset cash flow, analyse geared, and ungeared IRRs

Term & Reversion and Layer Method Valuation (Intro to Excel)

Equivalent Yield (Solver, Scenario and Goal Seek functions)

Single-Let Discounted Cash Flow

Cash Flow inputs (Rents, Yields, Growth Rates, Target Returns)

Analysis and use of date series

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV)

Comparing Value, Price and Worth

Switching between Annual, Quarterly and Monthly DCF models

Adding borrowing and analysing geared returns

Introducing Rent Reviews and other ‘events’ into cash flows

The ‘Rent Function’ concept and Logic functions (IF, OR, AND)

Analysing the IRR for errors (data tables, charting)

Sensitivity analysis and Scenario testing

International comparison of property market

Day Two
Know how to build a multi-let property cash flow and analyse advanced debt structures.

The ‘Rent Function’ and Multi-let cash flows

The ‘date problem’ and assumptions in property asset cash flows

Pattern of rents in UK, European and Index linked leases (Arrays, Lookups)

Reducing the rent function, intermediate calculations and modelling theory

Modelling leases expiries, break clauses, voids, and upward only covenants

Incorporating time-varying rental growth rates

Analysing multi-let cash flows to see if the leases are sufficiently diversified

Further IRR analysis (XIRR, MIRR)

Creating Annual summaries of quarterly/monthly cash flows

Modelling stressed cash flows for debt purposes

Interest only and amortising loans (PMT)

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wtorek, 15. październik 2019, Warsaw, Bayfield Training - European Real Estate Analyst - Warsaw

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