EIT Food Demo Day - Poland!, Dreamers and Artisans. House for Social Innovation., czwartek, 08. listopad 2018

Ready to hear the most disruptive agri-food change makers?!
10 best business ideas submitted for EIT Food RIS Innovation Grants competition will have a chance to pitch their ideas during EIT Food Demo Day in Warsaw!
Best entrepreneurs or start-ups will be supported with 5 000 €  and 10,000 € of equity-free money to take their idea to another level! One of the winners will also have a chance to showcase their solution on the biggest agri-food start-up event this fall, EIT Food Venture Summit in Paris on the 28th of November!
Demo Day in Warsaw will be the place to listen to entrepreneurs eager to make a change how we produce, transport, consume and think about food– but not only! We will also discuss how to develop, support and scale up agri-food business ideas on Polish and European level, listen to success stories who already made it and with a bite of some good food we will network with others!
If you are an food or agriculture enthusiast, founder, investor, ngo representative, food producer, farmer or simply interested in what will be next innovation in the food and agriculture do not hesitate to join us on the 8th of November in Marzyciele and Rzemieślnicy!
Innovate with us!

czwartek, 08. listopad 2018, Dreamers and Artisans. House for Social Innovation., EIT Food Demo Day - Poland!

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