ENDOWEEK INTERNATIONAL EDITION, Witkowscy Dental Training Center, poniedziałek, 10. grudzień 2018

Are You looking for complex Workshop covering all aspects of endodontic non-surgical treatment. Well then You dont have to look further. During this 5 days You will encounter full immersion. We will teach You proper endodontic procedures proven by literature and clinical competence. 


Day 1  10-17
Introduction to modern endodontics, how to plan Your endodontic work station. Setup and instrumentation
Ergonomics in endodontics - with proper. focus on microscope dentistry
Microscope in dentistry how and when
Instrument transfering and communication with assistant
Field isolation - rubberdamology - techniques and tips and tricks in difficult complex cases. 
Deep margin elevation technique
Different systems of endodontic files - differences and choosing technique
CBCT and RVG in endodondtics - interpretation
All stages finished with practical training
17 - Welcome Drink

Day 2  10-17
Anatomy in endodontic therapies
Vertucci classification 
Cavity Access - different concepts. Primary and retreatment access preparation
Map for searching all canal orifices. How to do it predictible
Ultrasonics in endodontics
All stages finished with practical training

Day 3 10-17
Proper techniques in rotary and reciprocal instruments
Proper techniques to use hand files
Passing ledges and solving problems during preparation
All stages finished with practical training

Day 4 10-17
Retreatment cases - how to do it predictible
removing of fiber posts
perforation management
removing of fractured files
All stages finished with practical training

Day 5 10-17
Canal irrigation protocols 
Fluid interactions
Obturation techniques -thermal and cold obturation. Differencies
All stages finished with practical training

All theoretical stages will be accompanied with practical workshops. All hands on is done on extracted teeth fixed to the special models. 

lecturers: Witkowski Grzegorz, Karaś Bartłomiej, Pietrzak Mariusz

We are making pre reservation of the hotel rooms for every participant in hotel close to Training Center. If You dont want to have reservation let Us know. Cost of the room per night is aprox 25 eur with brekfast for a single room.

Early bird registration 2490 EUR (valid till 15.10.18)
Normal registration 2690 EUR (valid till 15.11.18
Late registration 2900 EUR (valid till 9.12.18)

What is included in the price: 
Hands on workshops and lectures
food and beverages during the training
welcome drink
dinner on day 4th
transport from and to hotel during the course

poniedziałek, 10. grudzień 2018, Witkowscy Dental Training Center, ENDOWEEK INTERNATIONAL EDITION

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