European Pinnacle, Królewska 11, sobota, 15. czerwiec 2019

We invite you to the exclusive 2019 European OC Pinnacle in Warsaw, Poland which offers you and your staff a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. This year’s Pinnacle will be hosted by Dr. Tom Pitts and filled with renowned speakers. Lecture topics will range from esthetics to early active principles and everything in between.

Dr. Tom Pitts - U.S.A.
Dr. Duncan Brown - Canada
Dr. Wassim Bouzid - Algeria
Dr. Peter Csiki - Hungary
Dr. Alexey Ermakov - Russia
Dr. Tibaoui Ilies - Algeria
Dr. Tomas Castellanos - Colombia

sobota, 15. czerwiec 2019, Królewska 11, European Pinnacle

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