Fear to Freedom MasterClass, Event and Production House 'City Hall', piątek, 26. lipiec 2019

What would you do with your life, if you were truly happy? Free to choose as you wish, anything in the whole wide world. What would you do every single day, whether you got paid for it or not?We all have a purpose for being here, on this planet. But do you know what it is? And if you did would you follow that purpose with relentless abandon?The world is living lie, that is making us unhappy, unfulfilled and downright depressed. This is because we have lost our purpose in life, we search for it meaning, in the dark, not knowing where we are going or why.We are constantly promised solutions, yet we are getting further and further into the deep miserable hole and most of us have no way of ever getting , it’s about time we did.
Come and Join Andrew Hackett, International Best Selling Author and Transformational Trainer all the way from Australia as he explains to you what is going on and how you can fix it once and for pull no punches event will answer your questions and explain why we have been getting it all wrong. For the first time ever in Poland, Andrew will present to you all the answers you have been searching for.
This talk is broken down into 6 key parts:
1. The Search for Meaning CrisisThe world is currently caught in the middle of a Search for Meaning Crisis, and it is slowly destroying our cultures, our communities and ourselves. People are becoming increasingly unhappy and unsafe despite us living in the most prosperous and safe time in history. Depression and anxiety rates are spiralling out of control, and the prescribed masking of our issues is only making matters worse. To influence the much needed positive shift we need to tackle this crises, we first need to understand what is causing it.
2. Who’s really in Charge?Our unconscious lives are leading us astray. We are caught in a spiral of rapid disconnection with everything and everyone around us and it is leaving us all exposed. We have been all been raised by a doctrine that is leaving us unfulfilled and unsuccessful, by people that also know no better. This unconsciousness to what is really going on is worldwide, and we need to start talking about why is it happening and who is really in charge of our own individual life experience.
3. The Ultimate DichotomyThere are two sides to every story, and as it turns out to every experience you will ever have. The simple fact is, that whichever side you choose, in any given moment, not only determined your experience of it, but also the outcome of what happens next. This is the key pivotal choice that changes everything, for everyone. Once you understand it you will never look back again.4. What’s Missing in the World of Personal Development?Why are people across the world spending billions of dollars every year on personal development training, only to do it again, over and over each and every year? It is because we all have nothing better to do with our time and money? No. It is because there is a major gap in what is being offered across the Personal Development Industry. This missing factor is the reason why people are not fixing the issues in their life once and for all, and why they keep needing to come back for more. It’s time for this cycle to stop.5. Holistic Modelling – Why it’s essential to life lasting success.For any strategy to work it must first acknowledge what it is working with, in an open and honest way. There are 3 key states of being within every person on the planet, and to achieve life lasting success, you need to acknowledge and work within each of those states. To do otherwise is not only doing half the job, but it will only deliver half the results. The big problem is, the pieces you ignore, will eventually drag the rest of your down, and slowly undo all your hard work.6. The SolutionWithin every problem there is a Solution. An opportunity to be had. The Search for Meaning Crisis that is taking over the world also has a Solution and it has been in front of us all along, hiding in plain sight, but we have ignored it for far too long. It is time for the solution to be known, to be actioned and to be realised. You deserve to life the life you were born to live, it is that simple. But what is holding your back? This is all part of the same problem, this Search for Meaning Crisis, and the Solution is going to fix the problem once and for all.

piątek, 26. lipiec 2019, Event and Production House 'City Hall', Fear to Freedom MasterClass

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