Jira Day 2019 - 7th edition (PLN), PGE Narodowy Stadium, środa, 29. maj 2019

All information about Jira Day 2019 can be found on: 

What is include in ticket for Jira Day 2019:

participation in lectures on first day of event, where experts and Atassian tools passionates will present who Atlassian tools can help in you every day work 

participation in workshops on the second day of event, where you will be able to find out the pracital information of usage of the most popular Atlassian Marketplace add-ons

participation in afterparty that will take place on the National Stadium just after the first day of conference 

all other atraction that will be avaible during the whole event. 

If you need to pay via wire transfer please conctact us directly to: jiraday2019@

środa, 29. maj 2019, PGE Narodowy Stadium, Jira Day 2019 - 7th edition (PLN)

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