Netguru Hangout: Project Management, Netguru, czwartek, 10. październik 2019

"Be brave and curious, and experiment. Learn from all your successes and failures - My beautiful failure".
As autumn is already in full swing, everything is telling us that it’s high time that we set off with something totally new and exciting. So, we’re more than happy to introduce the very first edition of Netguru Hangout: Project Management meetup to you! 
We’re about to meet with our awesome PM community and spend this evening learning new things, exchanging ideas, meeting new people, and having a lot of fun together. 
Discussing the PM stuff over a bottle of beer and a slice of pizza is one of the best ways to do such stuff. We promise! ;)
The first edition of the meetup will be focused on the specific subject: “Be brave, curious and experiment. Learn from all successes and failures – My beautiful failure”. We’ll talk about mistakes and failures, and - the most important - about lessons learned. Sounds intriguing? Say no more!

Here’s what you can expect on the evening of 10 October!
18:00-18:15 Short intro18:15-20:00 Speakers’ presentations20:00-22:00 Networking (beer+pizza) 

- Radek Orszewski | The most beautiful and useless Kanban board I have ever designed- Gosia Trojanowska | A recipe for a disaster- Natalia Mielcarek | Why do we make mistakes

The talks will be delivered in English.

We hope you share our enthusiasm and look forward to our evening together as much as we do. Join us for PM talks, pizza, and beer! 
We feel that it’s going to be a greeeat evening. See you on 10 October in Netguru's headquarters in Poznan!

P.S. We have good news for those who did not manage to sign up! We are also about to publish a live stream on Netguru's Facebook fanpage during the event. So if you didn't manage to book your ticket, you will still have the opportunity to listen to the meetup lectures live :)

By signing up for the event, you agree to the Terms of Participation in Netguru Hangout: Project Management meetup.

czwartek, 10. październik 2019, Netguru, Netguru Hangout: Project Management

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