React Academy - React Basics Workshop , Kraków, czwartek, 15. listopad 2018

React Basics Workshop
Organized by React Academy

An exclusive full-day, hands-on coding workshop to explore React and its broader ecosystem.

The only prerequisite for this workshop is a good understanding of JavaScript. Everything else will be explained from scratch.


Technically, it's possible to write a React app without the latest version of JavaScript, but you will have a hard. All of the new features in ES2015 (also known as ES6) just make everything much easier, more maintainable, and future-proof.

Webpack, Babel, Yarn, npm, plugins, presets, loaders, etc... Got JS fatigue yet? Don't! We are lucky to have all of these powerful tools. For the workshop we will use create-react-app, however, we are still going to explain how everything works under the hood.

React Basics
We will learn all the ins and outs of React, including the latest features introduced in version 16. From how it works under the hood, to practical examples and real-life use cases. By learning how to think in components, we'll learn how to make functional, and easily testable user interfaces.


Do I need a laptop?


Do I need to have a local setup?

Only if you want to. We’re gonna use CodeSandbox for all the exercises so you can even use an iPad or a Chromebook.

If I want a local setup, which tools should I install?

Node >= 6.
An editor of your choice. VS Code is free and it has everything that you need out of the box.

Hint: You can use nvm, nvm-windows, or n to easily switch Node versions on your machine.

What are the prerequisites for this workshop?

Basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML
Being familiar with ES6 features is a plus, but we’ll go over the most important ones at the beginning of the workshop.

czwartek, 15. listopad 2018, Kraków, React Academy - React Basics Workshop

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