Scala Wave 2018 - Payment: €, Stary Maneż, czwartek, 06. wrzesień 2018

Scala Wave Conference is created to build the network of Scala enthusiasts & experts in the area of the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. 
Scala Wave means sharing Scala passion, knowledge & experience. We love to disseminate Scala trends, build the Baltic Scala community and promote the Baltic Region as a technical hub. 
We want to concentrate on Scala applied - programming language which solves real technical problems. We are eager to learn from success stories. Learn about solutions making developer’s life more effective and making code better.
We would like to offer you a piece of fun and really great summer atmosphere. We believe in the power of networking and we create this conference for bringing people together

czwartek, 06. wrzesień 2018, Stary Maneż, Scala Wave 2018 - Payment: €

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