sprint.Stars | Shifting the Spotlight to Incredible Women, Lisbon, czwartek, 13. wrzesień 2018

Shifting the spotlight to incredible women.
Cos You Can't Be What You Can't SEE.

Sprint.Stars brings together a powerful line up of Role Models, Thought Leaders, Female Entrepreneurs and Women in Tech all in just 1 day. Immerse yourself in engaging panels, interactive workshops, mingle with like minded people over lunch or lay back and take some notes listening to inspirational talks or get soaked up during a power hour.

Why should I attend?

You will be taking part in an unforgettable day of learning and inspiration.

Expect; Inspiring talks, fireside chats, networking, power hour and workshops bringing together people, ideas and resources, oh and did we mention lunch with the speakers?

Learn something new, foster collaborations, forge a network of go-getters and rub shoulders with role models from all walks of life.

You will gain insights on how the fastest growing startups deal with success and adversity, and how to start building and maintaining your own momentum.

Supercharge your business by connecting with a mentor with an exclusive 1-1 session deep diving into your biggest pain points.

Join startup.sprint a series of workshops on launching your business to growing your business with zero budget.

Who will be attending?

Thought leaders,

Industry pioneers.

Inspirational founders.

Makers and shakers of the startup ecosystem

Senior management from Fortune 500 companies


Startups (including those that are just about to launch to those with millions in turnover)

Solo entrepreneurs



Startup and innovation enthusiasts

Individuals on a career break


What our attendees are saying.

"I don't relate to business advice given by the likes of Elon Musk or Richard Branson. I respect and admire them as entrepreneurs, but their words don't empower me. Business advice from a woman on the other hand, does."

"For many women including myself self belief and confidence determines our success, self doubt kills. I've been working on changing this mindset. Events like this are definitely the way forward."

"It is really interesting to see the motivations, challenges and successes of other women. I naturally identify with them. I always find advice from women particularly inspiring."

"I was often in the situation where I'd get to the end of the meeting and no-one had made eye contact with me. It's time we changed this."

"Finally the spotlight on women! I was at times sidelined in meetings by investors wanting to deal with my male co-founder, which was incredibly demoralising and frustrating. We need more events like this. It gives you that feeling of "I can do it too". Confidence is a big issue amongst female entrepreneurs."

Where is the venue?
Redbull, pizza, beer, ping pong table, male dominated environment?
Not at this event, (but maybe healthy a pizza). We take a holistic approach to creating a safe environment for our attendees. A meditation session, maybe .. ;)
What is a Power Hour?
One hour of back-to-back action powered talks by top minds (not to be missed!).
Is there a minimum age requirement?
Nope :)
Is sprint.Stars aimed at women only?
Our blueprint is diversity, sprint.Stars is open to both men, women and non binary individuals of all backgrounds, race and colour.
Who is speaking and what companies can I expect to mingle with?
Since 2015 we have partnered with companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, 500 startups, Blippar, Zalando, Uber, Techstars, F6S, the EU Commission and a whole lot more. Our partners often join our events as speakers and attendees.
Are food and drinks included?
Yes and before you ask - we will also be offering a vegetarian option.
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Please contact Mevish Aslam by filling in this form.
What is the cancellation policy?
Refunds will only be processed if requested 7 days in advance of the event.


czwartek, 13. wrzesień 2018, Lisbon, sprint.Stars | Shifting the Spotlight to Incredible Women

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