Startup Nation Meetup by innogy Innovation Hub, Przestrzeń from Facebook, wtorek, 27. listopad 2018

The Israeli startup ecosystem is one of the best developed in the world. innogy Innovation Hub has been present on the Israeli market for almost 4 years, has analysed hundreds of local startups and selected the best 10 for investment.
We are proud to invite you to join us at the Startup Nation MeetUp by innogy Innovation Hub – the very first innogy Innovation Hub meetup in Central and Eastern Europe. At the MeetUp, we will share our unique know-how and market insights with top innovators, founders, and tech leaders with the aim to show the lessons learned for Poland.
The event will provide a unique platform to exchange experiences and ideas, as well as present cooperation possibilities and networking opportunities that will connect Polish investors, corporates representatives, startup founders and other major personas of the ecosystem with representatives of the vibrant Israeli entrepreneurial scene. All this at the very heart of Warsaw – Przestrzeń from Facebook.
Our special guests of the evening will be Mickey Steiner, Managing Director at innogy Innovation Hub Israel, co-creator of the Israeli startup scene, who will explain how a tiny isolated country managed to become one of the key global innovation centers and Elad Hameiri, Director of Business Development & Growth at innogy Innovation Hub Israel, who will share his insights into key startup evaluation criteria and success factors from the point of view of an Israeli investor.

wtorek, 27. listopad 2018, Przestrzeń from Facebook, Startup Nation Meetup by innogy Innovation Hub

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