StrongFirst RESILIENT—Kraków, Poland, Centrum Kettlebell Kraków, sobota, 13. czerwiec 2020

StrongFirst RESILIENT—Kraków, Poland
Develop your "in between" strength. And improve your readiness for sport and life’s unpredictable situations.

What Is StrongFirst RESILIENT?
Developed by Pavel Macek, Master SFG, StrongFirst RESILIENT distills Pavel Tsatsouline’s bevy of innovative drills into a comprehensive, systematized program focused on the best, most productive, and game-changing moves.
Learn and practice unconventional exercises that will:

Boost your capacity to withstand unpredictable stresses—angles, ranges, leverages and loads—by correcting weak links, improving your range of motion, and expanding your current ROM

Reduce your risk of potential injury with “imperfection training” and by building “in between” strength

Improve your capacity for moving well and moving strong outside the gym environment: in your sport and everyday life.

StrongFirst RESILIENT gets us out of our regular groove, going beyond conventional “correct” technique to expand our comfort and buffer zones. We explore the edges of our abilities safely, step-by-step, with a clear aim and purpose. Get ready to gain from orderly disorder.
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What You Will Learn
In this special one and a half day workshop, you’ll learn our top exercise picks, accessory drills, progressions, and movement variations to make you RESILIENT:

Hack Squat builds on the Simple & Sinister’s kettlebell goblet squat foundation.

Jefferson Curl/Hockey Deadlift challenges the S&S deadlift rules.

RESILIENT Get-up Series explores “incorrect” positions in the RESILIENT Armbar Series and goes beyond S&S's basic get-up standard for added variation.

Hanging Series teaches the straight-arm pull counterpart of the get-up’s straight-arm push.

Gymnastic Bridge Series covers hollow position counter-stretch progressions and provides an antidote to today’s seated

Neck Series focuses on direct neck strengthening, important for more than just collision lifestyle sport athletes.

Please visit our StrongFirst RESILENT page for more details.

COURSE INSTRUCTORPavel Macek, Master Instructor
REGISTRATION FEE$795 (Save $200 and pay only $595 if registered by 04/11/2020)
LOCATIONCentrum Kettlebell Krakówul. Chełmońskiego 25531-348, KrakówPoland
SCHEDULE9am to 6pm Saturday, with a lunch break between 1-2 9am to 2pm Sunday *check-in begins at 8:30am
LANGUAGE This course will be presented in English and translated to Polish.
CONTACT Email us with any questions:

Registration fees are non-refundable. No refunds will be granted.
Exceptional circumstances will be reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis by StrongFirst, Inc.
Registrants may transfer their registration to another person for no fee.

You put in the time and effort to earn your StrongFirst Instructor status; don’t let it slip away!
StrongFirst instructors attending StrongFirst RESILIENT have the possibility to recertify their SFG, SFG II, SFL, or SFB certificate, with no additional costs. Testing will be completed during the weekend. If you are interested in this option, please specify it when registering (selecting proper ticket option), then send an e-mail to  a copy of the certificate you want to renew. At the moment of your registration you must hold a current certification to be eligible for this option.
Info on recertification available here: . Testing will be completed during the weekend. 
Be ready. Be up to date. Be StrongFirst.

sobota, 13. czerwiec 2020, Centrum Kettlebell Kraków, StrongFirst RESILIENT—Kraków, Poland

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