The Many More | Chamber of Beautiful Business, Warsaw, Warsaw, wtorek, 11. czerwiec 2019

Chamber of Beautiful Business, Warsaw
The Many More
Co-hosted by Ralph Talmont.

Program and speakers will be announced soon. Join the waitlist via 'Tickets' and we will notify you directly. 
About the Chambers of Beautiful Business
A series of daytime and evening gatherings in select cities all around the globe, the Chambers are part of the House of Beautiful Business, a global think tank and community founded to explore the human future of work. At its annual gathering in Lisbon, the House brings together a select group of 300 business and nonprofit leaders, founders, technologists, investors, designers, artists, and scientists to explore how to make business more beautiful, specifically how to lead with purpose and passion, build human companies and workplaces, and design for deeper connections in an age of machines. If you’re interested in participating, request an invitation here.
Dedicated to amplifying its mission throughout local communities, the series of Chambers are co-hosted by House Residents. Find out more about upcoming editions in Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Cape Town, Detroit, Hamburg, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, New York City, and Warsaw. 
More questions?
Feel free to reach out to:Monika Jiangmonika@: +49 1590 1222
Produced by The Business Romantic Society

wtorek, 11. czerwiec 2019, Warsaw, The Many More | Chamber of Beautiful Business, Warsaw

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