Train the trainers in Warsaw with Cédric Ringenbach, to be determined, poniedziałek, 03. grudzień 2018

Come and learn to be a moderator of Climate Collage, a playfull workshop to learn about climate change in a funny and participatve way.  « The Climate Collage » is a creative workshop on climate change based on collective intelligence. It's a 3 hours initiation, addressed to both novices and knowledgeable. As it explains the climate functioning and the consequences of its disruption, this workshop highlights the complexity of climate change, while providing keys to understand and develop an overview of climate change.
Our goal ? Raise awareness about climate among 1 million people! Will you be part of it?
We will give you an overview of the game and you will learn to organise an animation based on this tool. The training is meant for people who intend to become moderators of the game. 
Agenda :  
- roundtable- presentation of the tool (principles, objective, royalties, commercial and non commercial use)- demo- debrief

poniedziałek, 03. grudzień 2018, to be determined, Train the trainers in Warsaw with Cédric Ringenbach

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