Warsaw - 4 Day Tamefow Kanban TTT - Train The Trainer US$, TBD, poniedziałek, 13. styczeń 2020

TTT - Train The Trainer 
Tameflow Kanban CTT
Requirements: Experience in Agile. Understanding of the Tameflow Approach, specifically mastery of Steve Tendon's 2 books (most importantly the new book 'Tame your Work Flow') and 6 specific Tameflow Chonoglogist's blogs pertaining to his visit to LKCE11
This training programme to become a Tameflow CTT - (Certified Tameflow Trainer) is 40 (or more if needed) hours long. It is custom designed for each trainer depending on their level of expertise in Tameflow Kanban and ability to deliver the content & simulations in a class setting. The 40 (or more if needed) hours can include conversations over the phone, email exchanges, face to face communication, classroom participation or even delivering the classes etc. (The potetial CTT must master both Tameflow Books and the class material to be successful in being granted the CTT certification.)
Upon completion of the programme, each Tameflow Certified Tameflow Trainer can attend for free - if needed - two classes given by an established CTT : MF - Mastering Flow & MT - Mastering Throughput at no charge to improve mastery of the material.
The TTT programme costs 5,000$US
TTT classes are given everywhere in the world. For inquiry, email to daniel_doiron@
 Upon receipt of payment, the following events will take place: 

The relevant reading list
The teaching decks
Mastery of the simulations for each class
Mastery of the delivery of both MF and MT class material 
Free access to a TTT trainer for Q&A
Support from a TTT trainer to co-teach classes if economics of the class permit
A path to success with a timeline
Access to Steve Tendon when conditions apply

 Your status as a CTT (Certified Tameflow Trainer) is of the public domain and will be posted on the proper page of Tameflow.com and/or AgileAgonist.com ... The page will link to your site, twitter handle and/or LinkedIn profile according to your choice.
 A yearly 2,500US$ advance - starting from year 2 - on certificate costs is required to remain in good standing and is renewed by agreement of both parties. The 2,500US$ is then credited towards the certificate costs invoiced to the trainer by Tameflow.   
Public class certificate per student remittance is 100$US
Private class certificate per student remittance is 25$US
POLAND IS UNDER PPP ... Rates are 60% of regular price - A total of 3,000$ US for TTT 

poniedziałek, 13. styczeń 2020, TBD, Warsaw - 4 Day Tamefow Kanban TTT - Train The Trainer US$

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